Maintenance Cleaning Subscription.


              Is your device overheating or running slow? Our Maintenance Cleaning Subscription delivers a monthly deep clean to keep your devices running like new!

             - Comprehensive cleanings for 2 of your devices
             - Uses compressed air, alcohol, and disinfectants! 

          - Opens devices to clean internal components! **
               Prevents overheating and extends hardware lifespan!

          We thoroughly scrub away debris, dust, and grime that builds up over time - improving speed, performance, and responsiveness. No more random shutdowns or sluggishness from clogged vents and fans!

          Our certified technicians safely clean keyboards, ports, vents, and internal components. It's cheap preventative maintenance to keep your expensive electronics lasting for years. Sign up now and breathe new life into your devices each month! 


   ** Phones and tablets are not opened.  They are sanitized, ports are cleaned, buttons are cleaned and any crevice that are exposed to grime are cleaned.